Unit Conversion ToolBox 1.0

Unit Conversion ToolBox 1.0



Size:30.2 MB

Date Added:31 March, 2014



* The #1 Unit Conversion ToolBox App.
* Available for all iPhones (Incl. 5) and iPad Retina Display

* Forget what you know about common Unit Converters. Undoubtedly, Unit Conversion ToolBox offers unique features & greatly new user experience!!! Unit Conversion ToolBox is a unit conversion robot.

* The latest converter has finally arrived for extremely addictive converter apps that any mobile user should have in their library of apps!?!!

Unit Conversion ToolBox turns a smartphone into a universal unit converter. The ideal app for quick conversions on Currencies, the building site or in a workshop.

* Featured: Unit Conversion ToolBox supports 34 Conversion Categories with over 900 units and 151 currencies. In addition to its innovative interface, our toolbox is smart enough to convert to and from mixed units. Unit Conversion ToolBox can help you solve almost every conversion problem in your Work, your Study and also your daily life. Convert area, mass, length, temperature, currencies and much more in an easy and intuitive way.

* Perfect Design: Unit Conversion ToolBox interface is inspired by mechanical computer and has been designed to find categories and units in a breeze. Unit Conversion ToolBox provides a web inspired hint enabled search box to find the unit for you in a jiffy. With the intelligent search in Unit Conversion ToolBox one can easily find units. Unit Conversion ToolBox is intelligent enough to display mathematical units like length, area, SI in mathematical order but currencies in alphabetical order. It can find currencies based upon both country name and currency name. Download the Unit Conversion ToolBox Now and enjoy converting units.

* Ultimate Converter: More than a normal Unit Converter, Converting numbers will never again be a mundane task with Unit Conversion ToolBox.

* Completely free of ads.

Conversion Categories (34 categories with over 900 units and 151 currencies)

* Angle,
* Angular-Acceleration,
* Angular Momentum,
* Angular Velocity,
* Area
* Currency (Gets updated on application launch. Requires internet connection)
* Data Rate,
* Data Size,
* Density,
* Energy,
* Flow Rate,
* Force,
* Fuel,
* Illuminance,
* Large Number UK,
* Large Number US,
* Length,
* Mass,
* Moment of Inertia,
* Momentum,
* Power,
* Radiation,
* Radioactivity,
* SI,
* Specific Heat Capacity,
* Speed,
* Stress/Pressure,
* Surface Tension,
* Temperature,
* Thermal Conductivity,
* Time,
* Torque,
* Typography,
* Volume.

Unit Conversion ToolBox is a Multilingual app available in below Languages
Chinese (Simplified)

For more information about Unit Conversion ToolBox please visit our website:

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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